Stingettes talk tryouts, experiences as new squad will be chosen soon


Olivia Jones, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Do you want to be a member of the 2022-2023 dance and majorette team, the Chelsea High Stingettes? A number of important dates are coming up if so.

First, there are mandatory clinic dates to help prepare you for tryouts. The clinic dates are March 1 and March 7-10. The clinic days are where you can practice your mandatory skills and learn the try-out material to perform on Friday, March 11 at 9 a.m., when tryouts will be held in the gym.

“Tryouts are a process and require tricks, and try-out material will be broken down over a few clinic dates,” said CHHS teacher Ms. Sarah Cobb, who was a sponsor of the team last year and will be again next year. “On our Schoology page, you can access videos to learn how to do some of the required tricks, skills, and techniques. You can also expect veterans and previous members to provide helpful instructions and advice.

“On the day of tryouts, everyone that is trying out will be divided into groups, and you will audition with your groups, while also showing your talents. Some judges will evaluate your try-out results and the new team will be announced soon after. This process can seem overwhelming and scary, but it can also be fun and very rewarding.”

There is also a mandatory virtual parent meeting to help you and your parents acquire information about the dance and majorette team. The parent meeting is February 10 at 7 p.m. via Google Meet. 

Two previous Stingettes members spoke to the Buzz recently about their experiences with trying out and becoming a member of each team.

Natalie Bugg, who was a member of the dance team this school year, said her experiences were all positive.

“I had a great experience with trying out,” Bugg said. “It was smooth sailing, and I felt welcomed as a member of the team already.”

Molly Raciborski had a slightly different take on tryouts from Bugg.

“My  experience with tryouts is nerve-wracking and a lot of pressure between having to learn the material and trying to have my skills and tricks the best they can be,” Raciborski said.

Bugg went on to talk about how much fun there was to be had as a member of the team, and what those trying out might look forward to.

“They should be looking forward to football season and getting to participate in pep rallies,” she said. “Being at practices with the whole band and dance team was a great time. Everyone was friendly and always worked as hard as they could.” 

Raciborski largely echoed those thoughts.

Making new friends on the team each year since this was my second year on the team and also performing during halftime,” Raciborski said. ““It was very welcoming and supportive around the different parts of the band and auxiliary”

Cobb said a lot goes into the tryout process for her and co-sponsor Christine Sexton, another CHHS teacher. 

“There is a great deal of behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing for tryouts,” Cobb said. “Mrs. Sexton is superwoman when it comes to this! I give all the credit to her. She is very organized and takes a lot of time securing judges, reserving the gym, and making sure all the little details are sorted and perfect. This all takes weeks of preparation! It is a task, for sure!”