Chelsea brings back Algebra 2 team after COVID year


Emmy Wren, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Chelsea High’s Algebra II team is one of the many math teams here at Chelsea High School.

Here on the Algebra II team, students meet for practices and compete in mathematical  competitions.

Each week the team meets up on Tuesday morning  before school starts to practice for their competitions. Also for additional practice, some team members chose Math team as their weekly club on Fridays during half time.

At practice the team practices problems that could possibly be on the test and they practice ciphering.

The team has two competitions that they compete in. The first competition is the Briarwood Tournament, in which the team has already competed in this year. The second competition is the Shelby County tournament.

At these competitions, the members are expected to each individually take a test and then they are to cipher, meaning they are to solve math problems in two minutes. 

The team consists of six members and is sponsored by math teacher, Mrs. Gordon. 

Last year due to covid, there was no math team, making members on the team not able to have  been practicing and competing since 2020.

Unfortunately their 2020 season was cut short due to covid, only allowing them to be able to compete in two of their competitions. They did however win the Shelby County tournament that year.

Members of the team were upset when they found out that their season would be cut short, and that they wouldn’t be able to compete the following year. 

“I was very sad when they announced that our season was gonna have to be cut short due to covid, ” said team member Ashley Wren. “I was also really sad when I found out that there was not going to be a 2021 season. Math team has been something I have been doing since the 8th grade, and something I have been looking forward to each year since I started.”

Members of the team have enjoyed getting to spend time with people who have the same interest in math like they do.

“My favorite part about math team is the people, ” said Belle Barrett, another member of the team. “Math is something I enjoy and it’s nice to have people around you that like it too.” 

Belle said she joined math team in the 6th grade, but took a break when she moved schools in 7th grade. She also said that she enjoyed  math team a lot, so she decided to rejoin. 

Along with Belle, another team member,  Lauren Anderson has also enjoyed getting to hangout with friends and people who enjoy math too. Lauren has also enjoyed getting to challenge herself with math team.

“My favorite part about math team is challenging myself to do something out of my comfort zone, ” said Lauren. “I also love getting to hangout with friends and learn new ways to solve problems.” 

Like Ashley Wren, Lauren has been participating in math team since the 8th grade, and has had a great time being a part of it.