First Five Devotions one of many new clubs

Jasmine Morris, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

After coming back from students being virtual, Last Friday during students’ lead class students  were available to sign up for clubs of their liking for the second semester. For each different club there is a  different teacher and a student can join that club of their liking. 

Chelsea High School librarian Heather Lee talked about her own club this semester.  Lee’s  club is called First Five Devotions for eleventh and twelfth grade girls. The main objective of this club is for girls to be able to be closer to God and for anyone else who isn’t close to God to get to be able to know him. 

“How this club can help a student in everyday situations in general is girls in relationships and having relationships with friends or family” Lee said. 

What made Mrs. Lee want to take on the club First Five Devotions for girls is she wanted students to experience having a good relationship with God and getting to know him better in different ways. On the following Fridays the club will be going over devotions together like for example the chapter Philippians to begin with.

Mrs. Lee’s thoughts for the club to be better in the near future in case if some students aren’t interested in it but will become interested in it is that not having all the lead on one person but hearing different perspectives from all the students and getting there input for what they would like they do in the club. There are many things that students can benefit from the club such as being able to pray everyday and being closer to God and having a good relationship with him. 

“There are students who have personal problems in life that are sometimes to deal with and with that people can make it better by growing with God” said Lee.

 The club is for eleventh grade and twelfth grade girls which only consist of nine students. Last semester there were different clubs for all grades. This club whatsoever wasn’t a club but is a new club this semester. With not just reading from an app there will also be different activities for the students to be able to do and enjoy.

The clubs this semester are different from last semester, and that’s what I like about it – the different clubs,” Welch said.

 Welch has a very good relationship with God and even though she didn’t join Mrs. Lee’s club, she still likes the new clubs for this semester. After last semester clubs students are now able to choose new clubs that they are interested in and hopefully will stay the same  in the near future.