Second semester allows students to join new clubs


Pierce Marsh, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

With the second semester recently beginning, students at Chelsea High School had a chance to join new clubs last week.

Students meet for clubs each Friday during halftime. Freshmen and sophomores meet during the first half of halftime, while junior and seniors meet during the second half.

There are many possible clubs students could join that cover a wide range of topics. Some of the more interesting clubs include the Tea Time Club, where students make and drink tea while watching old British TV shows, and the Robotics Club, where students learn about robotics and building things.

Another interesting club is the Blockbuster Club, hosted by Ms. Moore, which meets during the first half of fifth period.

“I named it after the old movie rental store chain Blockbuster,” Moore said. “It will be a time for students to come in and watch movies and talk about new releases and old classics. It’s just meant to be a chill downtime with something fun to discuss.”

Students interested in playing Clash Royale could have joined Ms. Hann’s Royale Club. The club, which also meets during the first half of halftime, will give students the chance to strategize cards to make a deck and play against other players.

“I am excited about my new club,” Hann said. “It will be fun to play Clash Royale with my students! I hope it helps them realize I am human even though I am a teacher, and it is funny to me that they didn’t think I was the type to play that game.”

Mr. Lawrence hosts the previously mentioned Tea Time Club, where students can take a step back from the day’s drama and sit down with a nice cup of tea. Meeting the first half of fifth period, they’ll discuss current events and watch the Great British Baking Show, a pleasant reality program.