Chelsea Wrestling take a look at Individual State Tournament


Abbie Johns, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Thursday, February 17th kicks off the individual State Tournament for those on the boys wrestling team who qualify.

Recently, the Hornets took a tough loss to Jasper in the first round of State Duals with an ending score of 30-36. This is not what the team was expecting coming into the playoffs, but now are working towards winning individual state titles to make a name for themselves.

February 11th the boys will compete in Sectionals which will be a good opportunity for each person to try and get a good seeding for the state tournament. Many of the boys have been thrown in and out of the top rankings of 6A for their weight class, as they have had incredibly tough matches this season. Chelsea Buzz got with head coach, Heath Butler, to ask him how he is preparing these individuals. 

¨We are currently working on drilling skills that we’ve covered throughout the season in order to help wrestlers make smoother transitions from technique to technique,” Butler said. ” We’re also beginning to drill scenarios more in practice based on situations and scores.  One of the other aspects that we’ve worked to manage over the past month is getting everyone healthy.

“We’ve had some out sick and/or injured so the plan has been to ease many of our wrestlers back into routines.  Our team is performing well currently and we’ve wrestled well for the most part in big situations.  We just have to continue having consistency that leads to continual success.”

Coach Butler is doing a great job at leading the team for potential individual state titles. Coming off of the tough first round loss, the team has to focus individually on themselves, while still competing for the bigger picture; a state title under Chelsea’s name.

The Hornets have many boys on the team who have competed in the state tournament before, one being junior Kalob Johnstone. The Buzz asked Johnstone how he is preparing himself for the big matches ahead.

¨I am studying film on talented opponents as I prepare myself physically through an increase in cardio training,” Johnstone said. “Also, I am making sure to keep up with physical therapy, which will keep me healthy for competition.¨

ohnstone is not only preparing himself for the big matches ahead, but leading the others into their matches. 

¨I try to lead by example and help others with questions they may have,” he said. “I try to push not only myself, but others as well and stay committed to improving¨

Johnstone has been in the State tournament before, along with many others and knows how to prepare. Junior Collin Burroughs went on to tell Chelsea Buzz his thoughts on the tournament around the corner.

“I am being a leader because I have been to the State tournament twice already,” Burroughs said. “How I prepare will show the ones who have not been how to act and prepare as well.”

With the upperclassmen leaders on the team and Coach Butler, the Hornets will be prepared for this huge event. Chelsea remains fighting for Class 6A State titles to put under the rising program of wrestling at Chelsea.