CHHS theatre prepares for fall play


Gisella Cazcarro, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Chelsea High School’s theater department is getting ready to host one of their plays. This year’s fall play will be based on the board game “Clue.”

This musical is based on a book written by Eric Weiner and A.E. Parker. The name of the specific book it is based on is called “Who Killed Mr. Boddy?” However, many of the things that occur throughout the play are from the board game.  In the board game players are to find who who killed Mr. Boddy along with in what room in his mansion it was that he was killed and with what weapon. 

The play will be very similar to how the board game is played. The characters in the play will have to determine the same things which player’s do when playing the board game. This play gives the audience a way to interact to an extent, by piecing together the “clues” found by the characters in the play. The characters are going to be acting like detectors so it will require a thorough investigation.

With this play being so detailed and thought out it makes sense that it would take a decent amount of time to prepare for it. Theater students are a big part in all of the little things that have to be done. For example, costumes have to be made for each individual character and props have to be done in order to tie in all the details that make up the settings of the different scenes. Along with those things, students have to be casted for the roles in the play. 

Once the cast members have been decided, rehearsals have to occur. Lines have to be memorized. Scenes have to be practiced and be well put together. The students have to learn to work together, which based on the product of many of the plays so far, it seems students work very well with each other. 

Ms. Pender, the theater teacher here at Chelsea, said that preparation for their plays usually takes about 8-10 weeks. When considering all of the things students have to get done, they really aren’t given much time to prepare. 

Chelsea High School’s plays are usually watched by many people. They have in school performances that allow students to watch the play during the day. They also have out of school performances that are open to the public. Ms. Pender said that there will be two in school performances on Friday November 12, 2021 that will be for students to go watch. There will also be two performances on Saturday November 13, 2021 and two Sunday November 14, 2021 that will be open to the public.