Band members discuss recent competitions


The clarinet section poses for a quick photo.

Veronica Zieba, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

In recent weeks, the Chelsea Hornet Pride Marching Band has scored superior ratings at both competitions they participated in. 

The first competition, which took place October the 2nd in Alexander City, ranked the band superior, along with the color guard, dancers, and the majorettes.

The second and most recent competition in Pell City continued the streak of superior ranking of the band in all categories as well. 

This was all thanks to the hard work of all the students and their commitment to their practices and goals which in the end were displayed in the results.   

On the other hand, there is room for improvement hidden in a few details.

¨Staying in time during marching is something we need to work on,” said Viala Vernon, a clarinet marcher. “Sometimes when I look over some people are not in time with everyone else when marching which is easy to notice.¨

Eryk Brown, a marching trombone player, added, “It’s the marching that we need to work on, as well as the tempo of the music since it gets rushed at times.”

Nonetheless, the band will be looking to work on these little details to perfect their show. 

Now another question that is important to ask, what did the students feel like?

Imagine a ginormous crowd, with judges gathered in the commentators box, and you’re about to start marching. How would you feel?

¨I felt a little anxious but I still felt lots of adrenaline and energy which really kicked in during the performance,¨ Vernon said. 

¨Nervous but excited,” Brown added. “It sure is a lot of people looking at you¨.

Though the Chelsea students were full of energy, they stayed in unison throughout the show and worked to produce a good sound. 

So how were they able to channel out their nerves in such an environment you might ask? Along with that, did the competition feel like a major challenge to take on? 

Take it from the marching students, who both commented that they imagined the show as a halftime show just with more people and it helped them perform. 

¨It was without a doubt a major event, but there is no point to stressing yourself in these shows,¨ Brown said.

Concluding this brief interview was a question asking the students what their favorite part of the band is.

After all, the band does look to have lots of enjoyable moments when playing and even practicing. Because when you work hard, you get to play hard just as well. 

Brown’s favorite part of the band are the dances. ¨It’s one of the only times I can dance like crazy and no one is judging me¨. 

Vernon’siala’s favorite part is the music. 

¨I overall enjoy playing new music,” she said. “It’s energetic and fun, especially at football games¨.

The band will be looking to perform at two more football games and hold a few concerts after the marching season ends, so be sure to check those events out and support your local band.