Hornet Pride thrives during marching season


Julia Davison, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

When the pandemic hit last year, marching band competitions ceased to exist. However, this year that suddenly changed. The Chelsea Hornet Pride Marching Band was able to compete in two contests this year. One was held at Lake Martin and the other at Pell City. The Lake Martin Invitational was on October 2, 2021 and the Pell City Marching Festival was on October 16, 2021.

At the Lake Martin Invitational, the band’s scores were great! In band contests, the scores are unique. The scores vary from 1-5, 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest. Chelsea’s Hornet Pride band scored all 1’s and a 2. Chelsea was in the AAAA class with bands including Northside and Smiths Station. The Stingettes dance team and color guard both earned best in class! Gracie Streelman, a member of color guard, gushes on what it was like to win.

“Winning best in class was amazing,” Streelman said. “I was so proud of myself and my team for being able to make that achievement. Celebrating on the bus after the win was so fun!”

At the Pell City Marching Festival, the band’s second competition, the scores were even better. The Chelsea Hornet Pride Marching Band scored all 1’s! Also, the Stingettes dance team and majorettes won best in class! Dani Thompson, a clarinet, was excited for these scores. 

“It felt amazing to get all 1’s after getting burned with one 2 at the last competition,” Thompson said. It was very exciting and just a great moment to celebrate with my friends.”

Band contests are great opportunities to see other halftime shows. Chelsea’s neighboring school Oak Mountain was at both contests as well! Cheering on other bands and meeting them is a great thing about the contests.

“I love seeing other bands and hangouts with friends at competitions,” Thompson said. ”Unlike football games, the competitions are specially for the band, which feels great!”

Getting ready for a contest takes a lot of organization and effort from everyone involved. The band rides together on school buses wherever they go with their sponsors and chaperones. The bus rides are great opportunities for people to connect with one another.

“After we won best in class, we played ‘All I Do Is Win’ by Dj Khaled,” Streelman said. “The whole bus screamed the lyrics and it was my favorite memory from the contest!”

The Chelsea Marching Hornet Pride Band also performs their show at the Shelby County Showcase every year. This year the showcase is on October 19, 2021 at Helena High School. The showcase is the same environment as a competition, but without scores. This is a chance for the bands to watch the shows from the stands instead of the sidelines where they watch during football games.

All of the bands come together at the end of the showcase to play “America The Beautiful” to complete the showcase. After the showcase, the hornet pride band will begin to slow down as the season slowly comes to an end.