Teacher Q&A: Getting to know Coach Lee


Jaylen Poore, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Chelsea High School gained a new English teacher and track and field coach this year when Trey Lee joined the faculty of CHHS. Coach Lee teaches English 10 and English 12 and is coaching the cross country and track and field teams. He was kind enough to answer a few questions from the Buzz.


Q – What got you interested in teaching? Was teaching something you always thought you wanted to do? If not, what was something else you wanted as your career in the future?

A – “Originally I wanted to become a psychiatrist so that I could help those people who needed it. I found out soon that that particular life path was not for me, but I still really wanted to help people….Those people just ended up being younger! It just felt like the next best thing to what I wanted to do with my life originally. That being said, I don’t feel like I settled because I genuinely love what I do.”


Q – Why is English the subject of your choice? 

A – “I like English because I believe it is the best subject for actual discussion. I feel like it allows students to talk and share ideas opposed to other subjects where the answer is either right or wrong. Science is similar since you can prove or disprove a hypothesis, but it doesn’t really offer the same freedom of thought as English.”


Q – What brought you to Chelsea High School?

A – “It was one of the schools in the area with a good academic rating as well as positive school culture. I thought it would be a good fit and I haven’t been proven wrong yet!”


Q – Did you ever participate in track in high school and college? Can you tell me a little about that experience?

A – I ran from seventh grade through college and I have nothing but positive experiences. It taught me how to work hard and go after what I want. I could say more but I’d need to try to write a BOOK if I decided to do that.


Q – What got you into coaching track and field?

A – “I’ve been running track since I was in middle school and volunteered to help coach after graduating from Auburn. I fell in love with coaching after that.”


Q – What is your favorite thing about track/field?

A – “My favorite thing about the sport is the sprints. It’s 100% effort the whole time and it is really awesome to see the limits of the human body. My favorite thing to coach is hurdle form because when the athletes finally get it and everything clicks, it looks so SMOOTH.”