Club spotlight: International Thespian Society


Aleah Watkins, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Last Friday, September 17, Chelsea High School had its first club meetings of the 2021-2022 school year. Students picked their clubs not long before this and most were excited for their first meeting. 

One of these clubs is the International Thespian Society, also known as the theater club. The theater club is similar to theater class but with a few differences. It is less in depth and is focused around the people who enjoy theater as a whole but perhaps did not get to take it this year. Additionally, some people who already take the class and wish to do more with the subject joined the club.

Students in this club are generally passionate about theater or look forward to trying for the first time. 

Jenny Howell, a freshman, felt at home in the club right away.

“When I arrived at the theater club I automatically realized the safe space I was in, and even though I am not doing cast work, they offer other things that are just as fun,” Howell said. “The leaders care about your opinion and ensure you enjoy your time there.” 

Another student, Kaylee Jones, had a similar feeling.

“It is really fun and I’m super excited to be a part of it,” Jones said.

The club is available to all students from freshman to seniors. It is headed by a group of upperclassmen including two co-presidents and a vice president that do most of the speaking and lead the club in whatever the discussion at hand is.

During the first meeting, the main topic was events the club wishes to hold this school year. The idea was to raise money for the theater classes. Some of the ideas ranged from merchandise for the coming play to Halloween events for the students of Chelsea High. 

The meeting and discussion was very open to the opinions of the club members. Everyone was made to feel comfortable and heard and treated like their ideas could be discussed and heard. It went very smoothly and easily and offered opportunities to hear each other and speak your own thoughts.