Teacher Q & A: Catching up with Ms. Cobb


Jazmine Morris, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

The Buzz was able to catch up with Chelsea High School English teacher Sarah Cobb and asked her a few questions about herself and her time at Chelsea High. Ms. Cobb is in her second year here at Chelsea High School, having joined the faculty full time last November.


Q. What inspired you to do what you do today?

A. “I’ve always had a strong desire to help other people, I’ve always wanted to make a difference somehow big or small, and I’ve always been passionate about learning.”


Q. What have you liked about  Chelsea High so far?

A. “The people, last year being my first year, the staff and teachers were nice to me. The students were fun and it made my job more enjoyable.”


Q. What University did you attend and Why?

A.I went to Jacksonville State University because it was closer to home and I’m a homebody person. Grandparents, parents and brother also went there and it’s a family tradition and the campus isn’t overwhelming and feels comfortable.”


Q. What helpful advice would you give your students?

A. “Stay on top of things, turn things on time, communicate with teachers when needed. To make time to have fun before being an adult.”


Q. What is the hardest thing about teaching teenagers?

A. “Keeping them motivated and attitude problems.”


Q. What is your favorite thing about teaching?

A. “Having relationships with people and getting to know them better and watching students succeed.”


Q. How do you deal with hard and stressful situations?

A. “I talk to someone about it and take a time out and do something I like to do and take it one day at a time.”


Chelsea High is very happy and glad to have Ms. Cobb and wishes her for the very best days to come. You can find Ms. Cobb on the English hall.