New school year comes with many changes


Anna Sartin, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Since returning to school for the 2021-2022 school year, things are looking a lot different than last year. 

While trying to have the most normal school year after the past two, Chelsea gave the students the option to wear masks or not. This did not last long, however, because students were getting quarantined left and right. To try and fix this, Shelby County made masks mandatory to try and keep the most students possible in school.

The first major change is that we started the year with everyone coming every day. This is exciting because some students last year didn’t get to come to school with their friends because of their last names. 

“I hated (last year) because you were all alone and had no one to talk to unless you got lucky and somehow had someone you had talked to before,” said Brooke Jones, a CHHS senior.

Being social is a big part of high school, without it, students begin to dread school.

“It stressed me out because I had no one to eat lunch with so I was worried about not having many friends at school rather than learning,” Jones said.

School is usually fun for students while also being a very good teaching environment, but without the fun parts students put in less effort to school which causes their grades to drop. 

Another change to this school year is the school platforms. 

Last year, since so many people were participating in online learning or were using it while being quarantined, most classes used Edgenuity for in-school and online teaching. 

While some teachers would record their in-class lessons and post them for students, it still wasn’t the same as being in the classroom and asking questions. 

This year students are all in class every day and are back to the normal style of teaching, which is better for most everyone. 

Even though students are still having to wear masks this year, they are getting to do so much more than last year, such as pep rallies, homecoming, and getting to see all of their friends.