Info for Students Attending UA Next Year

Bama Bound Orientation: Bama Bound is scheduled to begin May 26. At this time, we are still determining whether we will be able to hold orientation on campus. We are exploring the possibility of virtual sessions, and will keep you informed.
Scholarship Deadline: The deadline for students to accept their scholarship offers is moved to June 1.

Housing: UA is accepting housing applications with room selection and assignments beginning in May. A student that wishes to cancel their housing contract has until June 1 to receive $165 of the $200 deposit back and those that cancel by June 15 will receive $100 of the deposit. Students who deposited by February 3 will be able to select their own room when room selection starts in May while those who deposited after that date will be assigned their room during the summer by Housing.

Final Transcripts: UA doesn’t require a final transcript when students register for classes during Orientation; however, a student won’t be able to register for Spring 2021 classes without one. Students will be notified if their final transcript has not been received.