Alabama Governor’s School

Each year Chelsea High is able to nominate up to four rising seniors for Alabama Governor’s School. It will be held June 14-16 at Samford University. Each participant will take seminars that challenge and expand his or her worldview. Courses include fine arts, web design, modern legal systems, research science, business, and medicine.
Preferences will be given to students who have achieved at least one of the following:
a) A composite score of 25 or higher on the ACT
b) A selection index score of 170 or higher on the PSAT
c) A core of 1650 on the SAT
and if the student exhibits at least two of the following:
a) Student who excels in one or more academic areas
b) Student who excels in one or more of the fine and/or performing arts
c) Student who exhibits advanced insight, intense reasoning ability,k and skill in problem-solving and critical thinking.
d) Student who assumes responsibility within a group.
If you are interested in possibly being nominated, please submit a copy of your resume to Ms. Fowler by Tuesday, February 18th.
Once nominated, the organization will choose which students will attend.