Vaping becomes serious problem for teens

Alexis Haney, Buzz News Reporter

Vaping among teens has become a major issue in today’s generation.

Vaping among teens is up to almost 40 percent. Vaping is unhealthy and affects the teenage mind. Teens get a hold of vaping supplies by older friends, stealing, or even their parents. Vaping in young teenagers can affect their lungs and their not fully developed minds.

Although some vape industries have tried to slow down the amount of teens getting a hold of the product, they have come to hardly any success. Juul recently took off their flavored pods in order to try and stop the amount of teens vaping.

The amount of teens vaping grows by the day, whether it be by peer pressure or for their own curiosity. It’s unhealthy, and most become addicted to the nicotine inside of the products they use.

Sophomore Kadian Ott says, “Vaping can’t even be controlled during the school day, let alone outside of school.”

Teens have gone to the point of sharing these products with their friends, bringing them to school, and/or selling these items. Vaping could not only lead to addiction of nicotine, but can also open up many other doors for new things that are not good for them.

Hopefully, one day we find a way to limit the amount of teens that get a hold of these items. But until then, we can only hope for the best in the younger generations.