The Reality of AP and Honors Classes


Kadian Ott, Buzz News Reporter

Students have already began to think about the following year. Part of this thought process is choosing classes for next year. The classes that cause the most to question is AP and Honors classes.

AP and Honors classes tend to be thought that they’re only for the smartest kids at the top of their class, however some people disagree with this. Instead, those believe that it’s actually for the kids who are the most willing to put in the effort required to make the grade. While the are considered harder, they aren’t viewed as being impossible.

When Sophomore and AP/Honors student Keely Strickland was asked what she expect from AP/Honors classes versus what it was actually like and who she would recommend these classes to, she stated, “When I first thought about it, I thought it would be actually a lot more difficult information wise and I was kinda scared. The teachers help a lot. I would recommend people who work hard and actually want to do well to take them.”

When Sophomore and AP/Honors student Cameron Knecht was asked the same he said, “I expected it to be a lot more challenging in the beginning. It kind of took me back when I realized that we still get treated like a normal class, especially in AP. At the end of the day with honors and AP, I don’t think the curriculum is hard, it’s more or less how much time you are willing to spend on it. With that said I’d recommend students who have a really strong work ethic and motivation to succeed to take classes like that.”

Overall, many people actually believe that these classes are not as hard as they have been made out to be over the years.