5 Cameras On A Phone… But Why?

Yagna Patel, Buzz News Reporter

Many of you have an Apple product or an Android product.  However, when it comes to phones, many of our phones have one or two cameras on the back.

We all know that two cameras on the back of a phone are more than enough for most of our day to day use.  However, there are going to be a few of us that may need more than just 2 cameras on the back of our phone.

The all new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ has three cameras on the back of their phones!  Each camera is different in its own way. There is a regular Telephoto lens, which you will find on many phones.  Next, you will find a wide angle lens, which can capture roughly three to four people. Finally, we have the Ultra-Wide Angle lens, which is a 123-degree lens and feels like you can take a photo of what you are looking at.  

Another company, called, Nokia, has created a 5-camera phone, which I happen to own at the moment.  Going from a OnePlus 6T to this monstrosity, I can tell you that this phone is no joke.

The camera photo quality is the most appealing, but not the most natural.  However, there is a setting in the phone where you can change this and make it 100% natural.  Nokia made it clear when advertising this phone that it was meant more for editing, instead of point and shoot photos, which most phones are very capable of doing.

This Link, which has photos of both indoor and outdoor photos (taken on the Nokia 9 PureView) has all been untouched and unedited.  

If you do want this phone, be my guest and purchase it from one of Nokia’s authorized retailers.  Some of which being Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo Video.

I have found out that you will get questioned on why your phone has a whopping 5 cameras.  My response to the people who ask is: “The phone is meant more for editing photos, than as to Point-and-shoot, like your phone. Having more cameras allows me to get more out of the photo than just the basic details.”  

From Chelsea High School, I have gotten a few questions from my classmates about my phone, which also happen to be the most frequent questions I get.

“Why does your phone have 5 cameras?” – Kaylee Rogers (Junior at CHHS)

“Does it take good photos?” – Alexis Haney (Freshman at CHHS)

“Nokia still makes phones?” – Joseph Waller (Freshman at CHHS)

“But…  Why?” – Leanna Tyler (Freshman at CHHS)