Student reflect on their highlights and regrets of this school year


Madeleine Cargile, Buzz News Reporter

Since the school year is coming to a close, students at Chelsea High School have taken time to reflect on this year in total. For many people, its been a roller coaster of emotions, especially for the freshmen, who’ve recently experienced the drastic change between middle to high school. Several students have both regrets and highlights and would like to share them.

For Grier Reid and Vella Barnes, two freshmen at CHS, the highlight of their year was without a doubt homecoming week.

“It was my favorite because it brought all the grades together, no matter social status or who you were,” Reid explains.

For people like Lily Parham and Julia Hansen, freshmen, their highlights included meeting new people, sometimes during the newly instated free period, halftime.

“I started hanging out with people I didn’t think I’d ever speak to,” Hansen says.

Where low points are concerned, many would agree it mainly had to do with procrastinating or not paying attention, exam grades, social crowds, or not taking advantage of certain opportunities.

“I wouldn’t pay attention in class,” Reid admits, “And then I didn’t know what was going on.”

In addition to the academic shortcomings, Madison Taylor, another

freshman at CHS confesses how she regrets not making more friends.  

“I expected to still be friends with the people I came into school with this year,” Taylor elaborates, “Turns out, I’m not.”

And with those, Keishace Jackson, a senior at CHS, explains how she hated missing out on opportunities because she was scared of what the outcome would be.

With all that in mind, almost everyone, if given the chance to redo the year, would do it differently.

“I would’ve studied more first semester,” Parham says.

To that, Barnes adds, “I would try to be more aware and mindful, since this isn’t middle school anymore.”

On the other hand, Taylor wishes she’d had a better attitude towards school.

“I wouldn’t have let small things ruin my day,” she says.

But, unlike the rest, Jackson feels like even if she could go back, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I like the way everything turned out,” she reasons, “It made me a better person through it all.”

Regardless of the lows and highs of this year, in the end, all of those interviewed would agree that this school year has made them wiser and more attuned to the world around them.