How do students feel about this school year coming to an end?


Madeleine Cargile

Various students congregate in the halls to enjoy their lunch with friends.

Evie Green, Buzz News Reporter

How do students feel about this school year coming to an end?

Most people can agree that this school year has gone by very fast. I have gathered some opinions from students to get an insight on how CHHS feels about it.

Ninth grader Landi Rutledge gives her opinion about the closing school year.

“I feel excited for summer, but I’m trying to stay focused and make good grades,” she said.

Most of us can relate to Landi in that we are all just waiting for summer to approach. However we cannot let that get in the way of our grades. At this point in the school year it is easy for us students to start giving up and not giving our all to our assignments. We begin to neglect homework, not finish assignments, etc. This causes our grades to slip making it very hard for us to get them back up before the year ends.

Ninth grader Phoebe Black says, “I feel excited, because I want summer to be here.”

This is also something that most students can relate to. With it being this time of year, school coming to a close, and the weather getting warmer, we are all anticipating summer. However, we have to remember that we still have exams, which are very important.

Also a freshman, Lexi Fields talks a little about how she feels with her first year of high school beginning to end. “I’m ready for summer to be here. I won’t have to worry about school work anymore.”

Another response about summer shows just how much all of us want it to be here sooner. We know that we all love to wake up late, not worry about school work, and hangout with friends more often.

Lastly, ninth grader Gabriella Anderson explains her feeling for the end of school year 2018-2019. “This year went by fast, so I’m nervous for exams. However, I’m ready for a new [school] year to start.”

This year was a quick one and most of us still can’t believe we are in the 4th nine weeks already. Most Freshmen are nervous for exams because we still don’t really have the hang of only two exams a year. Especially Freshmen are ready for a new school year so that they aren’t the youngest grade in the school anymore. Most are ready for a fresh start.