Captured: Prom 2019

Keishace Jackson, Buzz News Reporter


On April 6th, 2019, Chelsea High School hosted a prom night at Zamora Temple, which started at 7:30pm and ended at 11:00pm. This year’s theme was Old Hollywood Red Carpet. Prom night consisted of the Senior Walk-out, music, dancing, food–oh, and the cutting out of lights due to weather conditions, but thankfully, there was an emergency light on deck! Four attendees who were willing to share their experiences were interviewed.

Senior Kali McIntire, who has been to prom four times, said that she would attend again if she could. She described the best part of her night being going out to eat dinner.

Another senior, Maddie Cavender, used the words “social, loud, and short” to describe her experience at prom, while the highlight of her night was spending time with her friends.

Senior Nakia Coleman had a pretty exciting prom night, who said the entire experience felt liberating. If she could change anything, she suggested the venue, perhaps to something even bigger and more fancy.

And lastly, senior Ally Brasher also enjoyed the event, describing it as “fun, exciting, and dark.” She believes that what makes prom worthwhile and fun is the people with whom you go.

Prom 2019 was definitely a night to remember! By the way, congratulations to Prom King, Kadin Christian and Prom Queen, Reagan Young!