Show Choir tryouts happening soon


Nakia Coleman, Buzz News Reporter

The award winning Out Of The Blue show choir has tryouts coming up right around the corner. With five seniors leaving this year, the group is actively looking for more students to become involved in the program. After coming off of having such a successful season, placing first at two competitions and making it to finals twice, OOTB is confident in the number of students that will tryout. Not only will OOTB have singer/dancer tryouts, they also need extra help in their crew and band. Crew helps with costumes, lighting, risers, etc. The band members help to keep the energy of the singer/dancers up while they perform. The band and crew do not just serve as helpers to this group, they are apart of the family too.

Auditions will be held Saturday, May 11th at Chelsea High School. They will start at 8:30 am. Students will learn a short dance routine from OOTB’s choreographer Dallas Pritt and will perform for the judges. Students will also have to sing a verse and chorus of a song for the judges. At the end of auditions the list will be posted. That same day there will be a parent meeting for the students who made it. The cost of auditions will be $25.