Is book Group a privilege or an annoyance?


Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

At the end of last year, we all had to fill out a form and choose a couple of books out of many different options. What we chose last year decided what book we had to read.

Yup, that’s right. I am talking about Book Groups. Book Groups, for those who somehow have no idea what I’m talking about, are held in either the first or second half of halftime. The students are informed of what group they are in and where that need to go. Some meet in the Library, others meet in different classrooms. In this certain group, we have to read a book, and then we have the option of doing a project on that book that can be used for extra points for whatever class you choose.

But is this really a privilege, or are Book Groups just getting in the way?

Even though the optional project can boost up a grade in a failing class, it’s still just an optional project. So, why should we even bother to go to Book Group if we don’t want to do that project? We basically just sit in a classroom and either talk or do nothing.

I have interviewed some students, and most of them seem to have the same opinions. The main quote that summarizes the opinions of the student body is one quoted by Rachel Welch. Rachel Welch is a ninth grader, and she said, “Book Group is a waste of time. I have to go sit and listen to people talk instead of catching up on my assignments. The only use for Book Groups is the free gold grade for any class.”

Some other people didn’t express their hated towards Book Group, but instead just focused on the bright points. Julia is another freshman, and she said, “I like Book group because of the project we get to do.”