Cheerleading: tryouts and upcoming season


Madeleine Cargile, Buzz News Reporter

The week of March 5th to March 8th marked clinic and tryout week for the CHHS cheerleaders. This year, there were 18 rising freshmen, 9 rising sophomores, 5 rising juniors, and 4 rising seniors trying out for the squad, all of whom made the team, with the exception of one rising freshman who was unable to perform the required skills to tryout.

The reason everyone made it was due to the coaches’ attempts to grow the program. Last year, the team was around the smallest it had ever been, with 5 Varsity and 15 JV. Thankfully, there has been a rise in the numbers of cheerleaders this year with so many upcoming freshmen.

Since there were so many rising 9th graders, the coaches decided to group the rising 10th graders with the much smaller Varsity squad. This left the JV team of 17 people completely comprised of upcoming freshmen and the Varsity squad with 18 combined sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

This year’s JV and Varsity squads look very promising, and Mrs. Moran, the football cheer coach, has some high hopes for the coming season.

“I’m excited about the numbers,” Moran says, “I’m hoping to continue to build the program, maybe even form a competition team in the future.”

Moran’s main goals mostly revolve around the upcoming cheer summer camp and football season.

“I want the teams to learn a lot [at camp] and be able to implement new skills throughout the football season,” Moran expresses.

She also aspires to make the girls more involved in the community and increase school spirit within the school.

“I want to promote more spirit between grades, maybe by coming up with different competitions and games between them, not just homecoming week but all throughout the year.”

The Buzz congratulates those who made the JV and Varsity squads and wishes them nothing but the best.