CHHS hosts annual talent show

Evie Green, Buzz News Reporter

On February 1, 2018, Chelsea High School held its annual talent show.

Many students, parents, friends, and teachers attended to watch and discover the talents of students here at Chelsea High School. There were acts such as singing, magic, guitar, poetry, and comedy that were all worth winning an award. However, there could only be three awards given out and one winner.

In third place this year, winning $25, was Walsh Green with a heavy metal guitar performance. Second place, winning $50, was Abigail Hyche singing “Shallow.” Lastly, in first place, winning the grand prize of $100, was a group of three men with “Blue Man Group.” This group painted their faces blue and put on an act that kept the crowd laughing. They had props that were also painted blue. The props were long tubes that one of the men would beat on to make a really cool sounding, drum effect. This act was a good combination of talent and comedy.

Chelsea High School freshman, Landi Rutledge gave her opinion on the talent show.

“It was a good opportunity for students to show their talents and have fun in the process,” Rutledge said.

Chelsea High School junior and talent show participant Walsh Green also gave his opinion on the talent show.

“It was a very cool opportunity and a good chance for the talented people at Chelsea High to show off the talent that they have that others might not know about,” he said.

All of the acts that were put on that night were special in their own way. Everyone deserves an award for having the courage to go on stage in front of an audience. This years talent show at Chelsea High school was a good one! Make sure you sign up next year and maybe you could be one of the lucky winners!