CHHS to start e-sports program


Yagna Patel, Buzz News Reporter


Adam Huddleston, our science teacher at Chelsea High, has been able to get funding and permission from Mr. Trucks about the new E-Sports Program at Chelsea High School.  

Many kids love video games, but most teachers hate when students play in class.  The evolution of E-Sports is being integrated into schools and has reached Chelsea High.  

Playing with the same people over and over again could appear to be less entertaining to some students.  As most students will have the same skill level in the video game they are playing.

I was able to catch up with him and ask him a few questions about the team.


Q:  How will the seasons work for the team?

A:  “There are two competitive seasons per year, Oct-Jan and Feb-May.”

Q:  What about the State competitions?

A:  “The last months of each season (January, May) are dedicated to the State Playoffs, which we may or not compete in depending on how well we perform throughout the regular season.”

Q:  Do the team members have to participate in all of the seasons or can they choose?

A:  “The students do NOT have to play in both seasons – they can just play in one if you want.”

Q:  What will be the team fee?

A:  “For one season, it will be $200, for both, I am estimating roughly $300 or so.”

Q:  Do you think it will be a fun experience for new gamers?

A:  “I think the experience will be great, regardless of if the person is new or experienced.”