How does cell phone use impact teenagers?


Alexis Haney, Buzz News Reporter

Using a cell phone has become a daily thing for most people in this generation. For some, it’s a resource tool and for others it’s a gadget to help keep up with the latest trends. I for one, personally know that cell phone addiction is a serious thing for most people nowadays. Everywhere you turn you see people glued to their phones, whether it’s in the school hallways or out to eat at a nice restaurant with family.

Cell phones are a good necessity to have but along with everything else, they have their downfalls as well. Kaylee Rogers, a student at Chelsea High School, said, “I think many kids don’t actually get outside anymore and they just worry about their cellphones. They don’t seem to care about anything else after they get their hands on a phone.”

Outside activity seems to become less and less after teenagers or any person at that gets a cellphone. The social activity goes down as well.

While teenagers become socially less active, even with friends. I spoke to Kadian Ott, a sophomore at Chelsea High School, and she also seems to have the same ideas as Kaylee.

”I don’t think you should be on your phone whenever hanging out with people because that’s not much fun for anyone,” Ott said.

No matter the situation, people always seem to have their phone in hand and their eyes locked on their screen. In conclusion, although cell phones have there perks they seem to take up a mass amount of time, and effect peoples socializing behavior.