Snap Your Way To Yearbook


Kadian Ott, Buzz News Reporter

Yearbooks are a huge part of school. Many people like to get theirs and find all of their friends in it. Yearbooks aren’t easily made though. There are many things that go into it.

For each event, someone has to go and get pictures. From there, the pictures are weeded through to figure out which ones will actually make an appearance in the yearbooks. Then, the pages are edited. After the pages are finished, they are then sent back to the company the school goes through, where they are then printed off. Finally, once they are printed, they are then given to those who have purchased them.

When Sophomore Athena Youngblood was asked what here experience with yearbook has been like and whether she would recommend it to another person, she answered, “Yearbook has been an amazing experience that has educated me on many aspects of multimedia such as graphic design, interview techniques, and business. I would definitely recommend it to other students, as it opens you up to skills that could be used for your future and the overall vibe of it. Yearbook is a very fun, high-energy class that’ll allow you to participate in many (if not all) school events.”

When Junior Avery Hanson was asked the same she answered, “My best experience with yearbook was becoming business editor or helping with senior pictures. I would definitely recommend it, Yearbook is really fun, and it opens people up to make friends.”

If you are interested in being apart of yearbook then you should send in an application for next year.