Battle of the Books Olympiad open to all students


Landi Rutledge, Buzz News Reporter

The Buzz was able to interview Mrs. Dixon, the librarian here at Chelsea High School, to ask her a few questions concerning Battle of the Books Olympiad. Things regarding the up-and-coming event include: Book chats, presentations, games, competitions, food trucks, awards, etc.


Q: Is there a specific title for this competition?

A: “Battle of the Books Olympiad”

Q:What is Battle of the Books Olympiad?

A: “It is a competition based on four books that compasses answering trivia about the books.”

Q: What are the books?

A:” 57 Bus, One of Us Is Lying, Trapped, and Ready Player One. 

Q: What are some projects you can work on related to the event?

A: “Producing a book trailer about the book, redesigning a book cover, skit, worksheet, or making a Kahoot.”

Q: When and where is the competition being held?

A: “It is a countywide event, taking place on March the 6th at SCIC.”

Q: Who can participate?

A: “Anyone.”

Q: Are there any requirements?

A: “You have to read all the books, and compete in at least one event.”

Q: How often do clubs meet? What do you do?

A: “Twice a week during halftime, read independently.”

Q: Where do participants sign up?

A: “With me.”