Chelsea athletes sign college scholarships


Keishace Jackson, Buzz News Reporter

On February 6, there was athlete signing taking place in the auditorium. Upon the stage were eight seniors. These were Chloe Edison, Nolan Forehand, Lexie Duca, Claire Guillen, Carson Reeves, Lando Nichols, Anthony Nettuno, and Emma Zaiontz.

Not only these students, but their parents have made many sacrifices that have led up to this point, such as making it to practices, encouraging their students, and buying things necessary for their sport. Interviews were conducted with four of these athletes.

Chloe Eidson, who plays softball, signed with Jacksonville State University. When asked of her athletic goals for next year, she plans to grow stronger and work harder.

Claire Guillen plays soccer and is signing with University of North Alabama. She too plans to grow stronger throughout college.

Carson Reeves, who also plays soccer, is heading to Spring Hill College. Instead of an athletic career, she plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

Emmalyne Zaiontz plays golf and is on her way to Huntingdon College in Montgomery. She plans to get even better in her sport, and grow athletically overall.

These seniors are already a step ahead ready for their future. With a goal in front of them, and ambition within them, they will continue in achievement and greatness.

See a photo gallery from the signings below.