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Madeleine Cargile

Students walk around the lobby in search of their friends and a place to sit.

Anna Grace Dunn, Buzz News Reporter

The students of Chelsea High School have some controversial statements with the student dress code.

The code of conduct states that “A standardized dress code for SCBOE has been adopted to assure that all students are provided safe and appropriate educational opportunities which are free from unnecessary disruptions or outside influences…We want to prepare students for the world of work, and we believe a neat, professional appearance is a good habit to develop in the childhood years…Students who have questionable or inappropriate dress will not be allowed to attend class.”

The code of conduct also says “All students must wear shirts, blouses, or dresses with a collar or with a non-revealing neckline…Low cut, open back, bare midriff…are not permitted. Skirts, shorts and dresses must be mid-thigh or longer in front and back. Leggings/Jeggings may only be worn as an accessory to a dress, skirt, or appropriate top that is at least mid-thigh length. No t-shirts with leggings/jeggings will be allowed. Unhemmed shorts, skirts, shirts, pants, and garments with inappropriate holes or inappropriate slits above mid-thigh are not allowed.”

Some students feel they can not express themselves with the strict dress code.

One student, Carly Taylor, feels that the dress code “isn’t good because some of the teachers are pretty rude about it and most of the time it is in the dress code.” Madison Eddy would change the legging rule. She says, “Why are we allowed to wear shorts but not allowed to wear something that covers up our legs?!? That doesn’t make sense.” Sarah Witfield agrees with Madison and says, “We should be allowed to wear leggings and nike shorts because we want to be comfortable some days.” Caroline Joslin says, “Wearing workout pants (leggings and yoga pants) limits us the most because your shirt has to be really long and they don’t make those because shirts that long are not really a thing.”

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Another student, Alex Cheslock, who has once been dress coded for her skirt, says, “It made me angry because I knew it was long enough and I didn’t want to change into sweatpants, and the teacher was very rude about it.” Another student, Evie Green, says that when she is dress coded, she feels like it’s not fair. She says, “Freshman always get dress coded and upperclassman don’t, and it’s unfair.” Jasmine Fisher says, “The dress code this year is stricter than last year because they have limited what we are allowed to wear.”

Most of the girls at Chelsea High think we should be allowed to wear leggings, and that the teachers should be a little more lenient on wearing skirts and shorts. Overall, the students feel the dress code is rather quite strict.