The Unsolved Murders Of Alabama: Tracie Hawlett and Hilton Beasley

Kadian Ott, Buzz News Reporter

Although there are so many crimes that get solved, there are still a few that go unsolved. Some have even happened in our state. If you are even slightly interested in learning about the events that led up to the unknown, then you are in the right place.


To continue, we have the unsolved murder of two teenage girls which occurred nearly nineteen years ago. The two teenage girls, Tracie Jean Hawlett and Hilton Green Beasley, were heading over to a party when Hawlett called her mother to alert her that they were going to head home instead. The girls never arrived home and were reported missing the next day. The police found the car the girls had driven in that night nearly a mile away from the sight were Hawlett had called her mother. There were no signs that the girls had been attacked and everything was still in the car, aside from the keys. After several hours without any sign of the girls, police were finally able to open the trunk of the vehicle, where the found both girls both shot execution-style, with mud covering the lower half of their legs.


Johnny William Barrentine confessed to the crime. However, there were many holes in his story. His story did not match up with the evidence, DNA found on the victims did match his, and his neighbor stated Barrentine has an alibi on the night of the murders. His Confession was thrown out, and there have been no further suspects that have led to solving of this case.