The Book Review Blog- Slob

Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

Hello, and today we will be reviewing a book called Slob by Ellen Potter.

Owen is just an average guy… except for the fact that he weighs 156 lbs at 12 years old and the fact that he scored one point lower than genius on his IQ test. But the kids at his school only see the butt of their jokes. Owen has adjusted to this life, but one day, he is pushed to the edge when someone starts to steal his Oreos from his lunch. His sister, Jeremy, is furious at this, and tries to handle the case while Owen tries to focus on his new invention, one that will change his life, one that will show him what happened to his parents two years ago…

This book was okay, in my opinion. It was far too short for my taste, but Potter does an excellent job at getting us attached to the characters in this book over a short amount of time. If you want to read this book, then go to the Chelsea High school library and check it out ASAP!

  See yall next time!