The Book Review Blog-Hunted


Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

Hello, and welcome back to another blog about book reviews! Today, we will be talking about a novel titled Hunted, by  by Meagan Spooner. Hunted is a parody of the all-time classic Disney movie that we know and love…Beauty and the Beast!

  Hunted is about a young woman named Yeva, which translates into Beauty. When her father loses all their money, Yeva and her two older sisters must sell all of their possessions and move into a hunting cabin that her father occupied before meeting their mother. Yeva’s father goes back to hunting for his family, and soon comes back with terror in his eyes, saying that there is something in the woods hunting him! One day, the father does not come back from hunting, so Yeva, secretly skilled in hunting and archery, goes off into the woods to search for her father. Instead of finding her beloved father, she finds bones, blood, and her father’s axe. While mourning over the remains, Beauty is attacked by a ‘beast’, and then taken into captivity by a mysterious stranger that stays only in the shadows. And what he has hidden from her will change everything that Yeva knows and loves.

  This novel was a very well-written book. Spooner is a very creative author. As a Beauty and the Beast fan, this story was very different from what I was expecting. At first, I thought that Spooner had butchered my favorite fairy tale, but when I reached the end, I realized that she didn’t ruin it, but added yet another beloved view to this story. I highly recommend checking this book out from the library. I can promise you that you will not regret this.

  See y’all later, and I will definitely read a more popular book for the next blog!