Blog Book Review: The Book Thief


Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

Hello, and welcome to the very first book review in this series of book review blogs by Brie Lee. The very first book reviewed will be a novel called “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. This book is narrated by a very unusual narrator: Death himself. Death starts out with a very grim scene, a train, crowded with people, and a sister and brother sleeping next to each other. Death collects the soul of the boy, leaving the sister scared and miserable. The mother buries her son as soon as she can, and then she continues on her journey to give her daughter away to a foster parent.

The girl, named Liesel, is confused and experiences a swirl of emotions as she tries to adjust to this new life, one in Germany during Hitler’s reign. She meets many interesting people, including a boy named Rudy who want a kiss from her, another named Tommy, whose face twitches, the mayor’s wife, who gives her books to read, and Max, a jewish fistfighter who is a shadow in the basement, hiding from the Nazis.

I very much enjoyed this book. It had a very great plot, and lovable characters. The ending, however, was very emotional, and anyone who reads it will be sad for at least a couple of hours. The character “Death” was very well thought-out, and instead of how most authors depict him, a grotesque monster who loves his job, Markus Zusak showed him as a man who tired of he sadness and gruesomeness humans showed each other.

Thank you for reading this very first blog, and tune in for more later. I will try to review books that are more popular next time. Thank you for your time, and click on the link below to go to a website that goes into more detail about this book.

                Summary overview of “The Book Thief”