Trucks talks about new wing


Evie Green, Buzz News Reporter

As you may know, there has been a new wing added to Chelsea High School. Principal Wayne Trucks spoke to The Buzz to explain the benefits of the new wing.

Trucks stated that the wing eliminates the need for trailers. It puts all teachers under one roof and makes it easier for them to collaborate. This is another reason why the wings of the school were split up into subjects. It makes it easier for teachers who teach the same subject to collaborate and share ideas while being right next to each other.

For now, the new wing consists primarily of history teachers and world languages, but there are also a couple of science teachers and a lab in the new wing, which is the one building in the school that features a second story.

Trucks went on to explain that there is room for one more wing to add to the school if the population is increasing. There have not been many thoughts about adding a new wing.  According to Trucks, if we were to get a new wing, it would not be anytime soon. It is only really an idea for the future.