Blog Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars


Leanna Tyler, Buzz News Reporter

The Fault In Our Stars, written by John Green is a book that will make you laugh and cry.

This book is about two people falling in love our main character Hazel Grace  and a guy named Augustus Waters. Hazel has cancer and has to go a support group one day. While there, Augustus shows up to the support group with his friend (Augustus was a survivor of cancer so it was ok for him to be there). He admittedly  falls in love with Hazel.

They start hanging out more, and end up exchanging books. Augustus really likes the book Hazel gave him and knew how much she loved the book . He decided to use his last wish to take her to meet the author . The author was a disappointment, but that was okay; they were just glad to be together.

Everything was great until Augustus’s cancer comes back it takes a toll on him and his relationship with Hazel . It so bad he couldn’t even leave his house to see her and he got to the point he would use the bathroom on himself . He soon after finding out that the cancer was back Augustus  waters passed away.

It made Hazel and all his friends very sad. Hazel got very depressed and her parents had to force  her to leave and have fun. Finally she got over the sadness when she gets a letter that was about her form Augustus before he died.

I recommend  you read this book. You will be glad once you have. You might even want to thank me. If you do read this  amazing book I would love to her your thought on the book. Sadly this is the only book in this series . It’s a solo?.  You can email me at [email protected]

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