Blog Book Review: Twilight


Leanna Tyler, Buzz News Reporter

Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer is a romance novel. This  is book is really good you can not guess what will happen next. It is so full of surprises. This book is my favorite romance in this world. There is hate, love and comedy.

The main characters are Bella and Edward and with them it was like love at first sight. They couldn’t stay away from each other for more than 5 minutes and when they were away from each other they were terribly worried about their mate.

Even though Edward loves Bella so much he would die for her he knew he was a danger to her. Being a vampire had it’s risk especially when your girlfriend is human and you want to take a bite of her every time your around her.

He tried to keep her safe by staying away but it didn’t work . So he decided to keep her safe by staying near her and it worked for a while until other vamps  came to town and decided they wanted Bella for food.

Edward did everything he could to make her safe again and she was safe but she was in the hospital and he blamed himself. Bella wouldn’t have it though.she told him to stop blaming himself and be happy and stay with her and he let her change his mind and stop blaming himself for awhile.

Soon after Bella decided she wanted to be a vampire with Edward and she wanted him  be the one to change her. Edward said no and this time he didn’t let Bella change his mind. He didn’t want to damn her like he was or so he thought he was. Bella doesn’t think anyone as amazing as Edward would be damned. Bella wouldn’t give up on him no matter how hard he tried to keep her safe by leaving. Edward wouldn’t give up on them or would he if he thought the right thing to was to leave he would leave Bella in a heartbeat. Her safety and happiness was  everything to him and all that matter.

I recommend  you read twilight and the rest of the series New moon Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

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