Students get wild at pep rally


Leanna Tyler, Buzz News Reporter

On Friday August 31, 2018  Chelsea High School had their first  home game pep rally of the year. The pep rally was  a circus theme. The costume that some of the students wore where very creative. Somewhere so random you just had to laugh.

The pep rally started at 2:24 p.m.  Friday afternoon. If you went to school that day you went to the pep rally unless you were in trouble of course. Once everyone was in the gym it got very loud,like so loud you couldn’t hear your friend beside you. As The event went on it got louder and louder.Especially when the football team was introduced.

The freshman and the seniors won the game this week. This week  students were picked to represent there grade. Then they tied a balloon to there foot and had to pop the other kids balloons from the other grades.

The amazing cheerleaders of Chelsea high school did several numbers. The band was great they kept the crowd hype. Yes it was loud but it was the loudest when the spirit stick came out the students went nuts. Everyone gave the seniors a run for their money when it came to school spirit but they were unbeatable this week. They were  so happy when they won we thought we would never get them back in the stands.

After the spirit stick the band performs another amazing number and then it was time to go home. Yes we would have stayed longer and would have loved to have more fun but with everybody in the gym at once it gets hot very quick. So we were all okay with leaving and going home.

Congrats to the seniors this week for their win of the spirit stick.