Blog: City of Bones review


Leanna Tyler, Buzz News Reporter

City of Bones written by Cassandra Clare is a book that will make you go through a roller coaster of emotions. This book is full of craziness, and romance. It is a battle between what’s wrong and what’s right.

In  this book our  main character Clary Fray meets the crazy handsome Jace Wayland at a nightclub. She  wasn’t supposed to be able to see him but for some odd reason she could.

Jace  instantly wondered why she could see him but states she had never seen anything before that night. On top of everything clary’s mom disappears. She begins to look for her mother and Jace  of course helped her. On the search for her mother she finds out she and her mother are shadowhunters. This creates mixed feelings towards her mother. She misses her mother and wants her to come home but at the same time she is mad at her mother for lying to her about everything that she should have known.

This starts a  chain reaction and everything Clary thought wasn’t real she finds out is real and can be worse than what she thought. Everything  Clary thought was true, wasn’t true anymore. Nothing is the same anymore she is in love with a guy she just met and turns out to be her brother , her whole childhood is a lie, everything she had planned for the future as been change.

I recommend you read this book it was so good I could put it down until I was done with the whole series. You will thank me once you have. I would love to hear or should I say read your thought if you decide to read this amazing book and I encourage you to read the rest of the series. You can email me at [email protected]

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