Should schools integrate more technology in the classroom?

Yagna Patel, Buzz News Reporter

As we all know, technology is advancing and more and more people are able to afford it.  However, schools, such as Chelsea High School, have already integrated technology into the classroom.  

The integration seems like an easy part, but in reality, it’s not.  Teachers do have the option to use this technology or stay “old school” with textbooks and paper.  For example, many math classes have integrated this technology into the classroom, but many teachers prefer to have the textbooks in hand since they provide a better visual aid for the students to help them understand the material better.  

Some classes like History, Science, English, FACS, and Intro to Engineering all use the benefits of having technology in the classroom.  Science does require some memorization, but most of the time the science classes do lab reports, take notes in class and work on many examples.  History and other electives are pure memorizations of notes and lectures. Many teachers in these subjects give students the option to have a hard copy textbook on hand if they choose to do so.  Since the textbooks are online, many students choose not to keep a textbook with them.

Having technology has its benefits, but it also has its downsides.  Suppose some students don’t have the money to use this technology at home.  Those students can’t be left out of the big picture. Principal Trucks and many other teachers work with those students to help them get the access they need from home.  Fully digitalizing the school at the moment is a 50/50 decision for all the staff at Chelsea High School.