Students, faculty make switch from GPS to ‘halftime’


Anna Grace Dunn, Buzz News Reporter

Chelsea High School has started a new variation of a free period called Halftime. Halftime is an hour long period that is in the middle of the school day. In the previous years the school has done GPS. GPS was during 4th period. The students would either go to the lunchroom or their assigned teachers room.

During halftime students are exposed to more parts of the school, unlike GPS. They can eat in the hallways, a teachers room, the lunchroom or the courtyard. The freshman have to eat in the lunch room at least the first semester because Coach Trucks biggest concern is, “Ninth graders don’t know where to go or what to do during halftime.”

Halftime gives the students a mental break.”

— Coach Trucks

The students like to socialize, eat, relax, or catch up on work during halftime. The library is open and there is also a quiet hallway to study. Halftime allows more freedom for the students. Coach Trucks says, “Halftime gives the students a mental break.”



  • Taylor Stafford (Senior)
    • Q: Any suggestions on how to make halftime better?
    • A: Open up more of the school.
  • Suzanne Ridgway (Junior)
    • Q: What is your favorite thing about halftime?
    • A: Interacting with my peers.
  • Chandler Pruitt (Sophmore)
    • Q: Do you like halftime better than GPS last year?
    • A: Yes, there is more freedom.
  • Alex Cheslock (Sophmore)
    • Q: Where is your favorite spot to eat at during halftime?
    • A: In the courtyard.
  • Mason Davis (Freshman)
    • Q: What do you do during halftime?
    • A: Eat with my friends.