Class of 2019 Senior Packs on sale now!


Olivia Hand, Reporter

The future Chelsea High School seniors are coming up in style. With the whole class planning to dress in unison, you can never miss them. If your a junior, here is your call.

Ellie Burchell, current junior at CHHS, came up with an idea on how to get the future senior class dressing in style and spirit for the future pep rallies, football games, and senior activities for the upcoming school year.  

She setup package deals, named Senior Packs, that students will choose to buy from. With three sets of packages every student will find what is right for them.

The packages include: Package 1- for  $70.00 you get your senior t-shirt, black jersey, black & blue spirit shakers, black baseball cap, and a $5 homecoming float donation. Package 2- for $60.00 you get your t-shirt, jersey, shakers, and homecoming donation. Package 3- for $40.00 you get your jersey, shakers, and homecoming donation. The price is lowered with each package in regards of what is included in the package.

The $5 donation goes towards the homecoming parade float for the Senior class.

The Senior Packs are great and easy ways to get a whole class together in the honor of school spirit.

If you’re a Class of 2019 student go ahead and get your Senior Pack form from Ellie Burchell, and you can join in on the upcoming fun. Deadline for money and form is May 18th, 2018!