Another year winds down at CHHS


Lily Christian, Reporter

The time has come. Teachers are cleaning their rooms, students are clearing their lockers, and everybody is mentally preparing themselves for the upcoming summer. Seniors are sad to go and 8th graders are happy to stay. Yes, everyone, it is finally the end of the 2017-18 school year. Lets recap the memories of the very successful school year.

We started in August welcoming new assistant principal Mr. Spruill, who was a great addition to ChHS. While we were getting new faculty and staff, the high school was also getting new attachments. They are still working on our new addition to the school but it won’t be finished until the upcoming school year. Teachers and students are beyond excited for these changes. Also, Chelsea got to have a day of fun on August 18th due to the Solar Eclipse. Students watched videos in class, bought sunglasses, and got to miss school for this moment.

Let’s move to October, aka Homecoming Week. Homecoming Week was the greatest week of the whole school year. Students (and some teachers) dressed up and competed for the spirit stick at each pep rally. While the football team geared up to play against Opelika, our students were getting prepared for the Homecoming dance. Everyone was very sad that this week had to come to an end.

December was a really good month as well for Chelsea students. Students were ready to get their Christmas on! They were decking the halls with candy, bright sweaters, gifts, and joy. People couldn’t wait to get out of school. After Christmas, students were back looking better than ever.

In February, Chelsea High School got out of school for a whole week due to snow. For once, there was a lot of snow in Alabama. People were excited to see such a beautiful sight! We did have to make up for it though. Chelsea schools had to remain open on presidents day due to the snow not being called a state of emergency. Students were bummed about it. But hey, it’s better than making it up at the end of the school year,

In April, the theater program opened up their spring musical “Once on this Island.” There were four performances at the high school and it was very successful. The on-stage cast and the backstage cast did a wonderful job playing their roles and Mrs. Gardner did a great job putting it together.

And last but not least, we had the 2018 Prom! Seniors and Juniors (even some sophomores and freshman) arrived with their dates looking fancier than ever. Seniors Hannah Holloway and Tanner Middleton were crowned prom king and queen or the “royal couple”.

There is officially 20  days left until this beloved school year is over with, and we are sad to see it go. Although most people are waiting for summer, some are still holding on to the last month of school left. It is now time to turn to a new chapter on life and move forward. It is a great day to be a Hornet!