Justice, Hornets eager to move past disappointing season


Hamad Haider, Reporter

The Chelsea Hornets are coming off a disappointing 2017 campaign in which they finished 2-8 and they are eager to get the bad taste out of their mouths. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Todd Justice.

Todd is one of the unquestionable leaders of this team and is coming off an impressive junior season. Todd will be leading the defensive line of the Hornets into the 2018 season and he believes that they are the anchor of that defense and the success they will have this upcoming season. Todd believes that the Hornets are poised for revenge, saying “ I feel like our team is hungry and ready to prove that last season was just a fluke.”

He is also satisfied with how hard his team has been working stating “ I have no doubts about where we are physically and that we have the capabilities to not only win but dominate games.”

The Hornets, however, will lose quite a few outstanding defensive players in Warner Wright, Dylan Seabolt, and Hunter Offord.

“The loss of our big time players is a huge loss and it is almost impossible to replace the production of those guys, but i don’t feel as if we are going into a rebuild. We have the players to just reload. With returning players like Connor Griffin, Wesley Pouncey, Stephan Fant, Matt Fant, etc. we can build a new foundation and build a defense that no one wants to face.”

The Hornets struggled on both sides of the ball last year, but what was really shocking was the drop off of the offense. I asked Todd about how he thinks the offense will perform and he showed great confidence in his offensive teammates. “ I feel our offense is going to improve a lot from last year. Last year we ran a two QB scheme that could have gone either way. This year I feel as though we have a definite starter and I feel like coach has moved around the right players into the right places and made our weaker spots stronger.”

Todd also believes that players on each side of the ball have to help each other, saying “us as a defense will only help them and they will only help us. We are in this as a team and as competitors with one goal and we have to do whatever it takes so that we can bring home wins on Friday nights this fall.”

Leadership for any team is crucial for success and Todd feels he carries a lot of responsibility.

“I feel like as a leader of this team, I carry a lot of responsibility. Me and a lot of other seniors on this defense have to carry the torch set from the last couple of years. The precedent is to lead and to do whatever it takes to win. Leaders are hand picked and I’m grateful to be one of them. Along with being a leader it is extremely important that I use my platform as positively as I can. The importance of encouraging my fellow teammates is crucial. However it is also crucial to not always be a nice guy. The job is to get the very best out of each other and to do that you can’t always be nice to people. I feel like as a role model it’s my job to carry the precedent for others to follow.”

The Chelsea Hornets hit the field for spring training earlier this week. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the challenge, as many people have already wrote them off after last year’s disappointing campaign. The Hornets face the Vestavia Rebels in Vestavia Hills on May 10.