CHHS teacher Q&A with Mrs. Coger


Reese Roberts, Buzz Staff Reporter was lucky enough to be able to interview Mrs. Molly Coger, who teaches English here at the high school and also helps with cheerleading. Read below to find out what she had to say!

Q: Years taught overall / years at CHHS:

A: “This is my 8th year overall and my 2nd at CHHS.”

Q: Subject(s) currently taught:

A: “Currently teaching 10th and 12th grade English”

Q: What was your reason for becoming a teacher?

A: “I wanted to be a teacher my whole life. It was always my dream job. The older I got and the more seriously I had to look toward what I would do with my life, and the more I realized I wanted to become a high school teacher. I loved the idea of getting to specify which subject and help kids learn applicable skills to their career and adult life.”

Q: Did you always think you’d be a teacher? If not, what other career were you interested in?

A: “As I said, I always wanted to be a teacher, but originally, I wanted to be a science teacher. I had an amazing science teacher when I was in high school who really inspired me to continue in the field of education. Then when I was in college, I changed my mind to English education. I was very bored in college science classes, and could not imagine taking those classes for another three years. English classes were more fun because I got to discuss and write about my opinions on the texts each day.

“Once I had been teaching for a couple of years I decided that I wanted to go back to school for a Master’s Degree. My undergraduate college experience was amazing and I was very lucky to have an outstanding school counselor in high school who was able to steer me toward a university that was right for me. I was also very interested in the way the mind works and how we construct our thought patterns. So, after researching and learning more about counselors, I decided to go back to The University of Alabama to pursue a Master’s of Education in School Counseling. I graduated with that in May of 2021. Although I haven’t directly used that degree yet, I am able to use the concepts learned from that degree each day as I work with young people.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?

A: “There are many things I love about teaching– when the “lightbulb goes off” in a student’s mind and everything clicks, watching their writing evolve over the course of a school year, and most of all just working with teens who are just starting to figure life out. I feel like I get the privilege each day to help people grow into better, more competent adults.”

Q: What was your favorite subject as a student? Why?

A: “I always loved English and science, specifically life sciences. Science was always interesting because it was applicable to everyday life, English was also a favorite because I was able to pick apart the text. I tend to be an overthinker, so this was the perfect place for me to read more into meaning and express my thoughts. I also have always enjoyed reading and think it is so interesting that words on a page can create a whole world in your head!”

Q: How do your students affect the way you teach from year to year?

A: “From year to year I change the way I teach different material based on the class. If I have a more talkative class, I tend to lean more on verbal interactions– debates, presentations, etc.– whereas if I have a more quiet class, I tend to lean more toward independent work. I also try to switch up my examples from class to class even within the same year to try to keep them relevant for the majority of the class’s interests.”

Rapid Fire

Q: Favorite animal? A: Dog!

Q: Favorite color? A: Lavender or Rose Gold (if metallics count)

Q: Favorite season? A: SUMMER!

Q: Favorite food? A: Anything Mexican!

Q: Favorite quote? A: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – Albus Dumbledore