Stephenson hosts Scrabble Club, promotes fun with words


Piper Jones , Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Mrs. Stephenson is an English teacher here at Chelsea High School. On some Fridays, she hosts a Scrabble Club for students to participate in. The Buzz caught up with Mrs. Stephenson to ask her some questions about her club.


Q- How many students are in your club? 

A- There are currently 24 students in my Scrabble club. When we started last year, we had 6 students. The second semester we had 23. This year 50 kids signed up, so there is actually a second scrabble club that Mrs. Gordon hosts so that more kids can be a part of it.


Q- What is the purpose of your club? 

A- The game promotes vocabulary and conversation over words and word patterns, but mostly the club is so that students can have fun playing a word game that’s also sort of educational.


Q-What do students do? 

A- 4 students per board play against each other to build words using seven tiles in their “hand” plus the tiles already on the board. The person with the highest score wins.


Q- WHat made you want to host this club? 

A-I love Scrabble and games like Words with Friends and I thought kids might like the game and the competitive aspect of it.


Q-What experience do you want your students to get from this club? 

A-I want kids to learn some new words and have fun at the same time.

The Buzz also spoke with freshman Ali Spray about her experiences in the Scrabble club.

Q- Why did you join the Scrabble club? 

A-I joined the Scrabble club because I enjoy the game.


Q- What was your impression of the club? 

A-My impression of the club is that it’s a fun club where we get to challenge our vocabulary while still having fun.


Q- Do you like this club? 

A- Yes, I like this club a lot.