Teacher Q&A – Ms. Caroline Fort


New teacher Ms. Fort (R) with student Maralyn Weygand during homecoming week.

Pierce Marsh, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Ms. Caroline Fort is a new Algebra I teacher here at Chelsea High School. The Buzz caught up with her and had the chance to get a few questions answered. Read below to see what Ms. Fort had to say.


Q – What is something your students should know about you?

A – “I would want my students to know that I like math a lot and that my goal is to teach them to the best of my abilities.”

Q – What is something you want your students to feel and or remember about you and your class?

A – “I would like for them to remember the material I teach, but I would like for them to remember coming to my class and enjoying learning math with me.”

Q – Why did you want to become a teacher?

A – “I wanted to become a teacher because I enjoy helping kids out.”

Q – Why did you pick math?

A – “I picked math as a subject because I like math a lot. I enjoy that it is the same every time and it never changes. I think it’s the easiest class to teach.”

Q – If you had to teach another subject other than Algebra 1 what would it be?

A – “It would be another form of math, but if it couldn’t be math I would choose English.”

Q – What could you improve on in teaching?

A – “I think I could improve my demonstrations.”

Q – What do you think the school’s greatest strengths are?

A – “I think the schools greatest strengths are kindness and taking care of others, everyone I’ve met here has been very nice and welcoming to me as my first year teaching at Chelsea High School.”