Teacher Q&A: Catching up with Mrs. Washington


Annslee Hester, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Teacher Q&A:


Mrs. Washington is a 9th grade Biology teacher. Mrs. Washington agreed to answer some questions for The Buzz, here’s what she had to say!


Q- What college did you attend?

A- “I attended Jacksonville State University.”


Q- Why did you decide to become a teacher?

A- “ I love children, and I have always had a desire to work with them to ensure their success.”


Q- How long have you been teaching?

A- “I have been teaching for 30 years. This starts my 31st year of teaching.”


Q- Why are you interested in teaching at Chelsea high school?

A- “Chelsea is where I live; therefore, it is where I desire to teach and educate the students in my community about Biology and life. It is also where my children attended high school.”


Q- Have you always taught science?

A- “ I have taught Science and English.”


Q- What do you like most about science?

A- “What I love most about science is that it provides opportunities for us to understand the extraordinary world that we live in, and it teaches us that all organisms are connected.”


Q- Which subject was your favorite as a student?

A- “When I was a student, I enjoyed English/Literature and Biology. I had two special teachers that brought these subjects to life.”