Chelsea athletics move to 7A next year


Abbie Johns, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

For many years, Chelsea High School athletics have been in the 6A classification. As the city of Chelsea booms in population, the school’s sport teams will now be in 7A classification at the start of Fall 2022. With around 20 different sport programs, Chelsea will have to improve their play to keep up with these schools. Chelsea has accumulated a few State titles in the 6A classification. These sports include girls soccer, softball, and many individual running titles. Baseball and basketball have also been very successful here at Chelsea, accumulating many playoff appearances throughout the past years. The past two years, Chelsea has been in area play with competitive teams such as Homewood, Briarwood, and Mountain Brook. With the new classification, Chelsea will play much bigger teams such as Hoover, Thompson, Oak Mountain, and more. 

Chelsea Buzz wanted to hear from a few of the athletes here at Chelsea to see how they feel with the new classification.

“As a team, we have had a lot of success in the 6A region. With us moving up to 7A, the competition will definitely get more challenging. Challenge is what makes us better though. I think we will do just fine if we all put the work in.” , says rising senior Kalob Johnstone.

Kalob Johnstone is on the Chelsea Wrestling team. He is coached by Heath Butler, who has been at Chelsea for several years. Wrestling has been very successful in the past years under this coach, and he has developed many of the wrestlers into fantastic athletes such as Kalob Johnstone. This past year, another wrestler, rising senior Aidan Williamson beat the #3 7A heavyweight, Hayden Bradford, in a local tournament. With this kind of achievement, we can assume that the Chelsea Wrestling team is prepared for 7A competition. Chelsea Buzz also talked with Coach Butler to see what he had to say, and what changes should be made to the team.

“We encourage wrestlers to gain additional mat time at various local clubs.” says Coach Butler

Coach Butler and many of the other coaches here at Chelsea want athletes to continue their sport year around to be better for the competition they face during the season. Chelsea Buzz went on to talk to other student athletes from other sports about what they had to think of the recent change. 

“Going up to 7A definitely strikes some concern here in the soccer team. We have had success over the past few years in 6A, but some of the best teams in the state resign in 7A. However, the new classification gives us a challenge that we all are ready for. Every single one of us is ready to compete at the highest level we can.” says rising senior Hannah Garrett

Hannah Garrett is the goalkeeper for the girls Chelsea soccer team. Like other Chelsea teams, girls soccer has had major success in the past. This includes winning a state title in 5A and 6A with many area championships as well along the way. With soccer, the girls future collegiate athletes will try to sustain their wins next year in the higher competition. 

Another great program here at Chelsea is the track and field team. This team has accomplished amazing things this past season under new track coach, Clifford Lee. The team has crushed many school records as well as gained many personal records along the way. The team also has athletes who won state for their event, and even are going to compete collegiately. Less to say, this team has grown into a great competitor and will continue to do great things in the future going to 7A. With advancements like such, track along with many other teams will continue to do great. 

As a whole, Chelsea Athletics will have to hold themselves up with the big change this next season. These athletes are determined and ready to be thrown into the competitive competition and are preparing to win more titles under the Chelsea name.