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Olivia Hand
Olivia Hand is a seventeen year old journalist at the Chelsea Buzz. Olivia joined the Chelsea Buzz journalism crew because she loves writing and meeting new people. Olivia was born on May 9th, 2000. All throughout her scholarly career Olivia has always strived for excellence but is humble enough to admit that she sometimes falls short of her goal. She loves english classes, but when she heard that Chelsea High School had journalism classes she quickly jumped to participating in that class. Olivia tends to be a loud and excited speaker with a big heart. In her big heart she has a place for her two pet cats, Donna and Kitty, and pet dog, Doach. Olivia  also has a place in heart for her close friends Isabelle, Reagan, Emma Grace, and Destiny and her boyfriend of three years, James. When Olivia is not at school she spends time on her phone playing her favorite game, or scrolling through Instagram. She is very excited to be writing her second year with The Chelsea Buzz. --written by Isabelle Browning

Olivia Hand, Reporter

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